About JUSTA Team

Judit Takács

I like that Juju always has a lot on the ball.
She is fast and effective. I am still planning, while she has already finished. She always eggs me to go on. I like that we agree that everything needs a little ’extra’. And I like that she is a crazy chipmunk in icing. Her sweet imagination forms strange creatures, you can see them here:

About JUSTA Team

Miyoga Csikaro

He is our boss, the cornerstone of our team.
He is amazing; we don’t know how he has time for us beside his all-day long sleep. He takes care of us, wakes us up early, doesn’t let us to sit too much in front of the computer and warns us to eat regularly. He is the perfect boss. His only weird characteristic is his bizarre fondness of shoes. Check it here:

About JUSTA Team

Roland Onodi

I like that Roli is very thorough and accurate.
He researches everything every time. To be honest, I don’t have patience for this. And I really like that he is my partner in creating things with ’an extra’. And I am happy that he is always up for fun. He is a music-lover; he is obsessed with gadgets and potmeters.

Justa Momentz

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